Using R with Neovim

Notes on how to configure Neovim to use it as an IDE for R plus the most used commands and functionalities


Ronny A. Hernandez Mora


February 27, 2023

Blogpost structure

  • Why?
  • Installation and configuration - allacrity - plugins
  • Workflow - most used commands (that I have so far) - Integration with quarto
  • User case: take fast notes and deploy fast - This is with the packages that I have to use mkdocs - Altough if it gets too long, it would be another blogpost


If you like a plain terminal, with no buttons or options that can crowd your screen, plus you have an interest on being fast while typing, these tools can help you.

Installation and configuration

Use of packer:

(put diagram of files and notes about their functioning)



ctrl + w + l Jump to left panel

ctrl + w + h Jump to right panel

gg Move to of file

G Move bottom of file

function + Shift + up or down Take to the upper or lower page section

R specific commands

\rf Connect to R Console

\rq Quit R Console

\d Run current line and move to the next line

\l Run current line, but cursor will stay on the same line.

\pp Run paragraph. But cursor will stay on the same block.

\pd Runs block and move to the next one

\ss Execute a block of selected code. This has to be done with visual mode

\aa Run entire script

\ro Open the “Global Environment”

\r= Expand all

\r- Collapse all

\qp Render preview .qmd (If I save the doc, it will re-render the site)

\gn Next chunk

\gN Previous chunk

\ch Run all previous chunks to here

\cc Run current chunk

Edit files

:%s/word_in_file/word_to_insert Substitute all matches

:set spell will set the grammar check in the document

z= will open the options to correct a word.



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