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docmaker is a package that allows you to automate your workflow for taking notes or creating documentation and publish it as a webpage using GitHub pages, MkDocs, and Rmarkdown or Quarto or Markdown.

If you have a repository with files built with Rmarkdown/Quarto/Markdown that you would like to take to MkDocs; docmaker will help you with the all the steps in the middle to achieve this.


You can install the development version of docmaker from GitHub with:


If you don´t have the devtools package installed, run the following:



You can create your repository on GitHub, clone your repo and from there, you will need to implement a structure to be able to use GitHub pages and MkDocs. For this you can use the function:

build_repo(github_page_url = "",
           site_author = "Ronny A. Hernández Mora")

Once you have a repository, you can take your Rmarkdown/Quarto/Markdown notes and deploy them with GitHub pages

make_doc(file = "check.Rmd", mkdocs_build = TRUE, mkdocs_deploy = TRUE)

If you have several files in the root of your project directory, you can instead use the following function to build and deploy all your Rmd files:

make_all_docs(deploy = TRUE)

In the case of having md files, you can use the following function to update them in the folder that is deployed to GitHub pages:


If a file is no longer needed, and you erase that file from your root directory, it will needed to update the docs/ folder. In that case we can use the function:

Getting help

If you find a bug please fill an issue with a reproducible example on GitHub


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