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Hi! I'm ronny and this site is my digital drawer made public. This means that you will find here raw notes that I usually take when I working with data and I have the need to document the process I'm following.

Be aware that this is not an organized place. It's just a place where I put all my R notes to look for after (in case my future self forgets what I did in the past). If you want to check a place with tutorials and edited notes you can go and check my blog. It's in spanglish (some posts in Spanish, others in English and maybe some of them with a mix) and I usually source part of the material from here.

If something works for you as a reference, great! Take it! Before this, all this notes where kept in my desk drawer

What you can find here

  • On your left side you will see the main table of contents
  • On your right side you will see the table of contents from the specific section you are in.

How this site was built?

This site is hosted in GitHub. I just created the repo, went to configuration and enabled github pages. Then, with a bit of help of mkdocs and the material theme the site came to life.

And now all my Rmarkdown notes fits in this site!

Also, I was kind of "obstinado" having to repeat a couple of steps for each note that I wanted to deploy, so I created some R functions (around 3) to deal with this workflow and put everything together in a small R package that I called docmaker (Available just on GitHub)

If you are new to this kind of documentation, I recommend you to check at least the package documentation, so you can find how to set-up everything to create your own site and give some freedom to your documentation.

Who I am?

I'm a desk biologist who likes to play around with my computer, specially with R, Linux, Vim and a couple of other tools.